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About What is

MyHumio is a toolbox that you can easily carry around with you. The tools in it, were created during the work of one's own to make the work easy.

For the actual work on Humio, you only need a few types of tools. However, these can sometimes become very special and are therefore very valuable. The big focus is on the search queries, these are the basis for all work in Humio. A search query can be used in the different categories alarms or widgets.

A fool with a tool is just a fool

Site under construction

The site is currently still under development. I develop the site in my spare time, so it may be that nothing changes for a few days. If you find any bugs, please feel free to contact me via email at

Planned features

Here are some planned features on my personal roadmap. These list is not in an order.

  • Picture upload for showing the results. Done
  • Comments at the query. Done
  • Add a rating feature. Done
  • Create a short link for sharing the content. Done
  • Add an article section for HowTo`s and writeups. Done
  • Entries can be saved as a draft. Done
  • Adding a sort function for entries.
  • Public profile for a user, to show his entries and the total ratings.
  • Tags for searching and filtering an entry (e.g. winlogbeat, sophos, activedirectory, dns, ioc, ...)
  • Different layouts for querys, alerts, parsers and widgets

Missing a feature?

You have an idea which feature is still missing. Then describe it in a short email to and I will check if I can implement it and add it to the list here.